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Direct placement employees at work sites


  • North Santa Barbara and Southern San Luis Obispo Counties



  • Assist individuals to seek competitive employment Job Preparation,
  • Short-term follow up services
  • Job stabilization and retention


Employment Preparation Services:

  1. Interview strategies
  2. Resume development
  3. Application preparation
  4. Employment attitudes
  5. Relevant work practices
  6. First Impressions and Professional Appearances
  7. Benefits planning related to employment
  8. Support services (i.e. transportation or childcare)


Job Development and Placement:

  1. Matching Employers and qualified capable workers
  2. Negotiating job carving, work site analysis or other job accommodations
  3. Assisting applicant in the interview process
  4. Assisting the applicant in coordinating transportation
    Job Orientation assistance
  5. Personal contact with employee
  6. Contact with the employer to ensure employee meets business’ needs Community Partners: Department of Rehabilitation,
  7. Santa Barbara County Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Services,
  8. Social Security Ticket to Work, Department of Social Services


Did you know? 

  • VTC is the 10th largest employer in the Santa Maria Valley
  • VTC has established contacts with businesses in North Santa Barbara and Southern San Luis Obispo Counties
  • VTC places people in long term jobs, some lasting 18-20 years so far
  • VTC hires people in staff and direct labor positions depending upon openings and availability and skills


VTC Direct placement individuals posing for photo


  • North Santa Barbara and Southern San Luis Obispo Counties


Description: Assessment

  • Job matching in community jobs
  • Hired by the employer
  • Job coaching
  • Fade and maintain ongoing support at least restrictive level



Job Placement – Job seeking and job matching in supported employment. Training in job seeking skills.

Job Coaching – Assists individual by providing support on or off the job in improving and/or stabilizing job performance and retention.

Short-term follow up services may be provided to assist individual in job stabilization.

Employers or Community Partners: Department of Rehabilitation & Tri-Counties Regional Center
South San Luis Obispo Counties.

External Situational Assessment

Three pictures of VTC individuals doing various job tasks


  • North Santa Barbara and Southern San Luis Obispo Counties

Up to two-week evaluation designed to identify barriers to competitive employment.  Assist individuals by assessing their vocational skill level through job exploration and job tryout in various integrated settings in the community.

  • Identifies barriers to employment.
  • Work tryouts at appropriate sites matching the vocational objective(s)
  • 1:1 individual to evaluator ratio
  • Plans for eventual supported or competitive employment.
  • Community settings Career exploration Service plan for employment

Did you know: 

VTC has a menu of 30 assessment sites and develops new ones every day?

Personal, Vocational, and Social Adjustment


  • North Santa Barbara and Southern San Luis Obispo Counties

Addresses identified barriers to Employment for a time limited goal specific period.

  • Assist individuals learn appropriate work-related skills, attitudes, and behaviors, or other identified as barriers to employment.
  • Assist the individual in understanding the meaning, value and demands of work.


Could include job sampling, career exploration, specifically assessed barriers to employment Social Skills, Dressing for Success, Interview skills, or transportation training.

Employers or Partners:

Referred by the Department of Rehabilitation